Research Ethics

FP 2 Draft #1 FP 2 Draft #2

FP3 Draft #1 FP3 Draft #2

Final Course Paper

At the beginning of the semester Professor Block spent a significant amount of time explaining the importance of the triangle diagram that illustrates pathos, logos, and ethos. Because the majority of the course is focused on the research course paper, we incorporate a great deal of ethos into the paper. The course syllables had a large portion of it dedicated to the significance of academic dishonestly and how to avoid it. The ability to paraphrase and summarize was significant to our course paper. Paraphrasing incorrectly was one way to unintentionally plagiarize. Focus Paragraph 2 was assigned in order to ensure we were incorporating summary and paraphrase properly, citing all sources. If you look at my Focus Paragraph 2 draft one, you’ll notice I didn’t have the parenthetical citations at all. If I had left that paragraph in my course paper, it would be considered plagiarism. I had to make the necessary changes in my second draft by properly paraphrasing all the evidence I found. After fixing my paraphrases, I added citations to give credibility where it was needed. Furthermore, my Draft #2 included an MLA work cited page. This assignment encouraged me to be careful of plagiarism. Not only is academic dishonestly bad for obvious reasons, but if you purposely take the work of others, you don’t learn not do you develop as a writer.

I’ve always had trouble with quoting work from outside sources, and focus paragraph 3 forced me to spend more time on practicing this skill. After turning in my first draft of focus paragraph 3, I was discouraged because it wasn’t exceptional work; Professor Block commented that the quotes weren’t properly integrated. I wasn’t exactly sure how to make the proper changes for the second draft. To fix this, I decided to go to office hours in hope of learning how to integrate long quotes into my work. If you look at my second draft you’ll notice four short quotes freely integrated into my work with proper citations. I also took the feedback Professor Block gave me, and shortened the long quote. I was pleased to receive positive feedback from her after she graded this draft. I felt confident integrating quotes into other parts of my final course paper.

I was advised to add tag lines throughout my course paper because I was using a lot of evidence from specific sources. For example, I used NASA as one of my main sources, so hopefully readers will notice these taglines. I also spent a lot of time with my MLA work cited page, because my course paper is composed of two stages I had to combine the work-cited pages and alphabetize them. I struggled with citing the articles, however, I learned how to properly cite them by using “Owl Purdue” a suggested cite given to us by Professor Block. I specifically learned how to cite a source created by multiple authors. Creating an organized work cited page further establishes ethos, it’s a skill that I can use throughout college.




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